SR Autosource Replacement Trim Clip Packages


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SR Autosource Trim Clip Packages for a huge range of applications.

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In stock and ready to dispatch, these top quality reproduction items have been tested in house here at SR and are the perfect replacement for your tired old fixings at a fraction of the main dealer cost.

Select your application from the dropdown menu to see an image of the actual clip.

Gallery images have the part numbers in red for reference from Nissan EPC.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11.2 × 16.3 × 2 cm
Trim Clip Variants

10x R32/33/34 and S15 Front Headlight Gasket Securing Clips 01553-00401, 10x R32/33/34 GTR Rear Inner Arch 63848-01G00, 10x R33/34 GTR and S14 Door and Quarter Trim Clips 01553-07111, 10x R33/34 Rear Window and S15 Skirts (2 packs req'd) 76848-71S00, 10x R34 GTR Boot Trims 01553-10051, 10x Various Uses 01281-00711, 11x R32 GTR Front Inner Fender 63844-01A00, 14x R34 GTR Front Inner Fender 01553-09321, 16x R32 GTR Under Bonnet Trim 65846-30F00, 20x Skyline R32/33/34 and Silvia S13/14/15 Skirt and Arch Liner Screws 01451-00841, 25x Arch Liner (S13,PS13,S14,S15,R32,R33,R34,R35) 01281-00831, 25x R34 S13 S15 Weather Strip 01553-09311, 25x S13 and Stagea Autech Side Skirt Clips 76882-6P010, 2x R34 Front Door Panel 96706-B0700, 2x R34 Rear Bumper 01281-01081, 2x S14 R33 R35 Front Bumper 01281-01321, 2x S14/R33 Grille 76882-0M060, 3x R32 GTR Hood Opening Control 01552-00661, 3x R33 GTR Front Bumper 01553-08231, 4x R33 GTST R33/34 GTR Front Bumper 01553-06721, 4x R34 GTR V Spec Rear Diffuser Clips 66824-01G00, 4x R34 Rear Bumper 01553-01A50, 5x R32 Arch Liner, R32/33/34 Interior Trim Clips 01281-00601, 6x R32 GTST/GTR Rear Spat and Front Bumper, R34 Door Trim, and S13 Arch Liner 01281-00441, 6x R32 R33 S14 No Plate Lights and R32 Front Indicator 96706-89901, 6x R32/33/34 Front Inner Arch 63848-35F00, 6x R33/34 Sill Trims 01553-08911, 6x S15 R33 GTST R34 Front Bumper 01553-09611, 7x R33 GTR Under Bonnet Trim Clips 65810-K2000, 8x R32 GTR Scuttle Panel 65810-K2009, 9x R32 GTR Bumper Clips 01553-03201, R32 Hood Stay 65722-01E00, R33 GTR Front Bumper 01553-08231, Single Grille Clips (PS13,S14,R32,R33) 01553-05751, Single R33 GTR Centre Scuttle Panel 66820-88E00, Single R33 GTST Grille 01553-03831